The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Do you need to replace your home’s roof? Metal roofs are among the different types available. Here are some of the main advantages of using metal roofing:

1. Safety

If safety is one of your priorities, then you should certainly consider metal roofs over other options. That’s because metal roofs won’t spark or burst into flames during lightning strikes or wildfires. That’s certainly a key benefit over other materials. Whether you’re at home or out, you’ll want the roof to be as safe as possible. One way to achieve that goal is to choose metal roofs instead of other options.

2. Durable

Some metal roofs can hold up to wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour. In that case, the roofs won’t wear down or crack. They’re even sometimes impact-resistant, which is another plus. Another benefit is that they don’t need the expensive maintenance of other roofing materials. They should still be checked from time to time to see if repairs are needed. This is critical to making sure that the roof lasts as long as possible and to reduce repair costs.

3. Eco-friendly

Another major benefit of metal roofs is that they have up to 95% recycled materials. When the metal roofing has to be replaced, you can recycle 100% of the materials, which is another plus if you’re looking for a green roof.

On the other hand, most of the waste resulting from shingle tear-offs ends up as building waste. It’s up to 20 billion pounds per year. That results in a big negative impact on the environment.

4. Long lasting

Metal roofs can last up to 70 years depending on the metal that’s used to make them. Meanwhile, asphalt roofing materials last for an average two decades at most. This is one of the main features of metal roofing as the cost of replacing roofing is something most homeowners will want to do as infrequently as possible.

5. Energy efficiency

This is another benefit of metal roofs. The roofs can reflect solar heat, which can help to reduce your cooling costs. In fact, you can save between 10% and 25% on your cooling costs. That can be a welcome benefit during the summertime and other times you’ll need to cool your home.

Heating/cooling costs can cause utility bills to skyrocket during certain times of the day. So it’s a plus that metal roofs can help to reduce those costs.

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