The Different Types of Boilers for Your Home

Are you looking for a new boiler? There are several types to choose from, so it’s important to know the options that you have. Here are some of the top ones:

home boiler

1. Combi boilers

These are a combination of the central heating boiler and high-efficiency boiler. It results in one compact unit. These boilers heat water from the mains when you turn on the house’s tap. As a result, you won’t require a storage cylinder for hot water or a storage tank for cold water. This is a plus over other types of boilers.

A combi boiler is very energy efficient and cost effective. That’s because the water is heated quickly instead of a heated then store inside a cylinder.

Another key benefit is that the hot water is provided at the mains pressure. This means you can get hot water without needing a different pump.

2. System Boiler

This type of boiler requires a cylinder that stores hot water. The main heating/hot water system components are contained in the boiler. This makes it easier and quicker to install. There’s also no need to put a tank in the loft. This makes it a good option for homes that have no loft, or when space is needed for living space.

These boilers can also work with solar water-heating systems. They’re a good green option and also help to reduce energy bills.

Which homes should consider this type of boiler? This is an excellent choice for homes that have 2 or more bathrooms. Another benefit is that it provides a steady hot water supply.

There’s no need to use a loft tank. That frees up speed and ends issues such as frost or leaks.

3. Regular Boiler

This is another type of boiler that’ known as a heat/conventional/traditional boiler. It’s a good choice for homes that have a standard heating/hot water system that’s connected to a separate cylinder for hot water.

These boilers also require a storage tank for cold water in the loft. That fills the cylinder for hot water. It also needs a tank for keeping the central heating system’s water level.

This could be the top choice when you have to replace a current boiler when the property contains an old radiator system. That’s because it might be unable to deal with the high water pressure that provided by system/combi boilers.

This is an excellent choice for homes that use a lot of hot water, and those with two or more bathrooms.

For more detailed information on the types of boilers, see this website about boilers.