The Latest Drain Cleaning Technology

With the rising need of more drain cleaning experts, drain cleaning technology has risen. Clogged drains have been considered as one of the household dilemmas worldwide especially in urban areas where garbage disposal is really a concern and a problem. However, you can still prevent having common garbage and drain disposal dilemmas by doing simple things that will make everything right; in short, just do your job by being a responsible dweller in your home. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. So remember that if you do not know how to manage your garbage disposal, there will come a time that you will still be the one who will face the consequences of not throwing out your garbage properly.

Plumbers and drain cleaners have been looking for brand new ways to expand their field and business and to keep up with the competition. The new generation of drain-cleaning equipment has put a bigger and greater responsibility on power performance among plumbers.

Jetter/Pressure Washer

1. More Powerful than Ever

Jetters have now become more powerful than ever. A Jetter or pressure washer has a pressure at 3,200 per square inch (psi). The first models that were introduced on the market had pressure of only around 1,750 square inches, which is still not a bad pressure washer. Now cables are made even stronger to withstand the pressure per square inch, which tends to break far less.

2. Has Line Locators

The new units of jetters and pressure washers being released in the market today already have a special feature locator where you can monitor and see where the line is already at, through a built-in screen on the unit. The screen displays and shows the line direction, the changes in direction, left to right guidance and aid to help centering the line, and a built-in digital depth indicator to indicate a particular point. It can also help plumbers find an area where they are required to commence excavation if pipework has collapsed.

Drainage system issues are one of the major issues properties face worldwide. Flash floods have resulted in areas where drainage systems have not been designed to cope with the increase in water. But also if there are any blockages at all in drainage systems and there is heavy rainfall this can also result in flooding. So it is important that drainage systems are kept clear of any obstructions. Using up to date methods to clear drains can help in ensuring drains are kept clear.

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